Intro to Western Dressage

Western Dressage is the name of the class at a horse show to compete in Cowboy Dressage

Learn more about this exciting new show division, now recognized by USEF.

Any breed can benefit in cadence, balance and carriage.

Use light contact of reins. One or two handed.

As quoted by Eitan Beth-Halachmy 'The Best of Both Worlds', Traditional Western and Classical Horsemanship.

Offering a place for the western rider and horse to improve themselves as individuals and as partners through the use and discipline of dressage.

The goal is to maintain the integrity of Lightness of the Western Horse and Western traditions through the use of Dressage.

Western Dressage is all about being the best western horse and rider you can be........

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CHA Certified Instructor
Janet Lloyd-Davis
(408) 307-6438
Garrod Farms
22647 Garrod Rd.
Saratoga, CA 95070