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Private Lessons: Monday-Saturday on Janet's Horses

45 minute Riding Only Private Lesson - $75.00 per session

60-75 minute Riding & Horse Management Private Lesson - $100.00 per session

Includes how to groom, tacking up horse, horse management and anatomy.

Plus a 30 minute riding lession.



English and Beginning Jumping Basics

Learn basic fundamentals, equitation riding seat and trot poles to gain balance.

Western Pleasure

Build your skills on learning how to ride a horse in the arena or on the trail with just using pressure from your legs and slight rein aids.

Western Dressage

This is a bit of both Western Pleasure and Dressage. Learn to dance with your horse along with music.


Dressage-( meaning: training) Tractability, Suppling, Collection; bending, stretching, on the bit. Learn the basics of the most formal and technical riding skills. It can be transferred to any riding discipline and look elegant.


Horsemanship After School Program, Monday-Saturday

Learn the basics of Western and English riding styles. Kids can have safe fun learning how to focus, improve physical coordination, gain confidence and take care of horses.

Ground Work (exercising the horse), Equitation, Stall Management

Grooming, Tack, Vet Care Basics, Horse Anatomy and Equine Terminology

Learn English, beginning jumping, lower level dressage Western Pleasure and Western Dressage.


Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced

Children Ages 6 years and up and Adults

Beginning thru Intermediate levels

All students are required to wear safety helmets. Bring your own or one can be provided for you. Also, all riders are required to have a riding / hiking boot with heel to fit snug in the stirrup (no sport, tennis shoes or flip-flops allowed).

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Janet Lloyd-Davis
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